Sunday, 1 April 2012

Dessert Story - Chinatown's new favorite

Have you heard the new Hongkong's dessert place? Its Dessert Story, and its really famous right now. I have been waiting to try them since I really like this kind of dessert, and their menu look similar to the one I tried in Malaysia.The place is exactly where the old Kopitiam used to be.  I went there on Saturday afternoon and it was really full. We got number 40, it took us about 20 minutes to get a table since there were 6 others before us. My friend said that she went there on weekdays and there's no queue. SO if you don't like to wait, its better to go on weekdays :)
We did look at the menu when we're waiting which was good because you need to order from the cashier and pay. Btw, there are so many tempting choices in the menu which made me really confused because i want everything. 

What i like the most is the Mango Snow ice, A MUST TRY! Its a big serve and very value for money. The snow ice quite creamy and it goes really well with the mango juice. The popping boba is really nice, it really pops up and gives the little sweet flavour in your mouth.
Milk Snow Ice with Mango Juice and Popping Boba - $9.9
I also enjoyed the Herbal Jelly, its on the first page of the menu. Its not as big as the snow ice but its okay since its cheaper. I like this because you could taste a little bit of everything. The taro balls and grass jelly taste good, but the soup taste a little bit plain which would be better with more cream.
Herbal Ice with Taro Ball, Pearl and Cream - $6
The mango pomelo sago was the let down for me. Its more expensive than herbal jelly but the serve is much smaller. The pomelo sago itself is okay but nothing special compared to the snow ice. And it does not go well with the green tea ice cream, wrong combination. 
Mango Pomelo Sago with Green Tea Ice Cream - $7.5
Overall rating : 7.5, i am happy with the visit and would certainly come back for the Mango Snow Ice and try their tofu pudding. The service was good, even though it was really busy the cashier still happily serving me and giving recommendations. This is the best place to go if you are craving for Hongkong's dessert and its so much better than Monga in value and taste.

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  1. mango snow ice tuh kaya monga punya mango sweet soup ya?

    1. Bukann wo, hmm kaya es serut gitu.. yang mango sweet soup kaya yang pomelo gambar paling bawah..