Monday, 27 February 2012

Trotters - an unplanned brunch

Yesterday was my first day of UNI!! I woke up late but managed to make myself go to the lecture. My lecture finished 20 mins early and it was 10.40am. Me and 2 friends (Hendra, Priska) had nothing to do until 1pm so we decided to eat. We went across some restaurants in Lygon st but most of them were closed so we then decided to have brunch. I looked up Urbanspoon and found Trotters with 84% rating. This place is quite hidden, thanks to my good eye we managed to find the place o.o! 

The walls are fully decorated with unique wood boards. The atmosphere here is also nice, the doors are made from mirrors so its bright. This place is quite big, it can seat around 40 people. They were not really busy when we came. 

"Never eat more than you can lift" - Miss Piggy

They have a large variation of menu, from brunch, pizzas and mains to choose. 
I ordered the Smoked Salmon & kipfler potato hash with capers, spanish onion, dill and hollandaise. It should have come with soft poached egg but I changed it to scrambled eggs. The potato hash tastes really nice, its like rough mashed baked potato with skin on. What makes it even more delicious is the black sauce, its balsamic vinegar reduction. Its thick and sweet, i liked it so much that i asked for extra sauce and I got it for free :)

8 out of 10

My friend ordered the Big Breakfast since he was hungry. 
 He said its good like usual big breakfast. 
The hash brown looks like rosti, maybe they just call it that way (hash brown). 

6 out of 10

The staffs are really nice, they smiled a lot especially the owner. He was talking to us and even asked if we needed anything. However, the coffee was not so good. I had skinny cappuccino and i did not really like it. Turned out that my friend's skinny late was not so good either. But i look forward to return and try other menus :)

1-4 = not good, shouldn't have come
5-6 = just okay, might come back to try other menus
7-8 = good, recommended for your tummy!
9-10 = excellent, a must try masterpiece!

Trotters on Urbanspoon

The Beginning

Hi Everyone!

My name is Clarinna from Indonesia. I am currently studying Commerce at University of Melbourne and this is my final year. I have been in Melbourne since 2009 and since then I have been gaining a lot of weight. There were so many things I used not to eat like peanut butter (i know this is lame because peanut butter just tastes so GOOD!) but now I just have a huge obsession with food. I just can't say no to food that is why my diet "starts" tomorrow :p

I love pretty much everything. However, i prefer giving up my burger than my cheesecake. Like the saying, girls always have rooms for dessert. No matter how full I am, i usually have sweets at the end. 

I always take photos on everything I eat because i want to tell people about the experience but I never really did. Now, I decided to start blogging! This is because i want to let people know about my food journey. I might not be the best judge, but i'm trying to give the fair score.
Sorry for any errors or mistakes. Follow me! 

Cheers :)