Monday, 27 February 2012

The Beginning

Hi Everyone!

My name is Clarinna from Indonesia. I am currently studying Commerce at University of Melbourne and this is my final year. I have been in Melbourne since 2009 and since then I have been gaining a lot of weight. There were so many things I used not to eat like peanut butter (i know this is lame because peanut butter just tastes so GOOD!) but now I just have a huge obsession with food. I just can't say no to food that is why my diet "starts" tomorrow :p

I love pretty much everything. However, i prefer giving up my burger than my cheesecake. Like the saying, girls always have rooms for dessert. No matter how full I am, i usually have sweets at the end. 

I always take photos on everything I eat because i want to tell people about the experience but I never really did. Now, I decided to start blogging! This is because i want to let people know about my food journey. I might not be the best judge, but i'm trying to give the fair score.
Sorry for any errors or mistakes. Follow me! 

Cheers :)

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