Sunday, 8 April 2012


268 Victoria Street
North Melbourne, 3051

I was craving for KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) so I suggested to go to Gami on Sunday night. We thought we're so lucky that we got a table so we started ordering the dishes. When the waiter was repeating, he then said "but we don't have any more rice". And we're like "whattttt???" We're so hungry that night so we really wanted to eat rice or we could eat 2 whole chicken. Of course we went out and i remembered there's another korean restaurant in Victoria st that also famous of KFC. Thats a little bit story how we ended up with Hallah. 

The place is located in Korean basecamp, haha.. why is that? because along the street there're so many Korean restaurants and they're not even 1m apart from one another. However, i really like the place. It does not look like a cheap restaurant. The waiting area itself looks proper and cozy and they also put polaroid photos of their customers. 

What i like the most is the letters in the dining area. They are simple but nice. 

The side dishes are kinda weird, kimchi, broccoli that also tastes like kimchi and red beans. They're okay but I'm expecting something more usual like potato or bean sprouts. 
I was wondering why does one side of the pancake has so much spring onion and the other side has almost none. But i did not expect they would taste different. The side that has no spring onion is thicker, plain and not really crispy while the other side is really thin and crispy which i like better.
Kimchi Pancake - $10
The chicken are not as crispy as Gami and they don't have enough flavour for the original. The sweet chilli looks amazing but the sauce is just too thick and we could not really eat it without rice. I think they use too much gochujang. 
 Full Serve Fried Chicken (Sweet Chilli and Original) - $33
Overall rating: 7, it was a good dinner, great place, the food came fast, service was good, its just the KFC that disappoints me. Might come back to try their BBQs and desserts like green tea pancake, green tea ice cream and black sesame ice cream.  
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