Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Cacao Green

I went to Cacao Green after dinner hearing they open a new store on Bourke St . The biggest reason is because there's an offer of BUY 1 GET 1 FREE..  Who does not like free or discount? 
The store is bigger than the one on Swanston Street and there are officially more seats available. 
The interior design is really pretty and it makes me feel fresh. The yellow lights make the place warm. There were so many balloons ceiling with Cacao Green print on them. 
There are four flavours; Italian Original, Pomegranate, Limonette and Japanese Matcha. They change the flavours quite often, because the last time I had French Strawberry but its not there anymore. Another thing I noticed, the prices have gone up. 

The Pomegranate tastes really good and refreshing. Its not too sweet and has enough sour flavour. The topping I like the most is the macadamia, even though they're crushed to little pieces, they are still crunchy.  
Pomegranate (Junior) - $ 4.7
Macadamia - $1
I have heard that the matcha is good so I give it a try but I don't like it. Its not too sweet but its kinda plain for me. I am a big fan of matcha and for me the yoghurt does not have that much flavour of matcha. 
Matcha (Junior) - $4.7
Overall rating: 7, this is a really good place for killing time or chatting with your friends while having refreshing desserts. Event though i'm a bit disappointed with the matcha but would go back to try the limonette. Staffs are friendly and very welcomed. 
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