Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Minh Xuong

209 - 211 Russell Street
Melbourne CBD, 3000

This is just a usual Chinese restaurant in Chinatown, nothing so fancy about it. This is a place where I usually go with a group because they have many seats located upstairs. I have been returning to this place so many times not only because of the food but also the atmosphere, it does not make me sick like some other restaurants. For me, this is the cleanest fast Chinese restaurant I have ever seen in Melbourne and they are always very welcomed.

What's my favourite? Of course their Crispy Pork. They are always cooked beautifully, crispy, not soggy. What i like is they are very generous in portion, both rice and pork.  

Crispy Pork on Rice - $9

Their BBQ pork is also good although i still prefer Crispy Pork. 
Crispy & BBQ Pork on Rice - $11.50

The Pork chop is also a great choice. It comes out really crispy with spicy and salty taste.
Pork Chop with Spicy Salt on Rice - $10
Overall rating: 8, never fails to serve great crispy pork. Portion of every dish is big and very value for money. The service and atmosphere are great compared to other fast Chinese restaurants. 
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