Friday, 6 April 2012

Aix Creperie

Another culinary to French Crepe! This is just really tiny shop which located in Centre Place, a lane full of good cafes and street arts. Make sure you pay attention or you'll miss the place. 

There are only few seats available inside, but we were quite lucky to get a table for 3 in Sunday afternoon. This is a really authentic French shop, you can tell from all the decorations and the staffs speaking French.

They offer a wide range of menus from baguettes, savoury and sweet crepes. The crepes are kinda thick and not crispy on the outside. They are good but i kinda like Breizoz more. I can tell that the ice creams are homemade, because they are creamy taste really light after.  

My friend looked really attracted with the tiramisu choice, since then i knew that she's gonna order that. That's a good choice, I have never had tiramisu favour of crepe before. The crepe's filled with mascarpone cheese, coffee syrup, hazelnut on top and ice cream on the side. I like the coffee syrup, its not sweet but its not bitter either. 
Tiramisu Crepe with Coffee Syrup, Hazelnut and Ice Cream - $8
We also ordered the classic one, strawberry and nutella as you know they never go wrong. They give generous amount of nutella, as you can see, the nutella is melting inside the crepe. Goodness! 
Wild Strawberry and Nutella Crepe - $8.5 
Overall rating: 7, i really feel like eating Crepes in French. The staffs are really friendly and funny. Good crepes, good prices and good portions!
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