Friday, 6 April 2012


CORICA..CORICA.. Have u tried their strudels? Well u should! It is truly right to say that one's never enough when eating Corica. Corica is actually the pastry shop's name, but sometimes people use the name to refer to its product. I don't know if its famous there, but in Melbourne its pretty famous.  Since i'm not in Perth, I could not go anytime I want and buy the strudels, i wish they open a store here in melbourne. We could not order them by ourselves too since there's minimum order so we usually wait for offers. There're only 3-4 offers a year, so don't miss it people! The pick up date is usually on Sunday and they are freshly made!

Last week I got my orders, 2 blueberries and 1 apple for $69. You might think its really expensive, but its totally worth it! The strudels are really big, about 40cm long and 20cm wide. 

Both the apple and blueberry strudels are just AMAZING! However, now i'm truly in love with the blueberry ones. The blueberry has the apple filling in the bottom and blueberry on the top layer where the apples only have apple fillings. The combination of both fillings works really well. The blueberry filling gives some sour taste to the strudel. 

Blueberry Strudel
Apple Strudel
They also sell Cream Horns now. What can i say, they are great too! Crispy pastry filled with delicious cream that tastes like the strudel's cream minus apple. 

Cream Horns
Overall rating: 9, I just love their strudels and waiting for the next batch order. I've never been to the shop so I don't know how's the service or atmosphere of this place, but i know they make yummy desserts! 

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