Tuesday, 17 April 2012


100 Lt Londsdale Street
Melbourne CBD, 3000

I went to Gami on Monday night, i could not tell you how much i love fried chicken that i decided to come all the way from Southbank to city. Its not far but it actually took me 30mins plus the fact that I already cooked something for dinner. But i just couldnt say no >,<

There are up to 20 seats downstairs and more seats also available upstairs. I always get to sit upstairs but that's okay. Nothing really special about the decoration nor that it represents Korean. 

As usual we usually start with the corn cheese. Look at the melting cheese covering all the corns, GOODNESS!! I know its really fatty but who cares? However, it did not taste as good as usual, it should taste sweeter. 
Corn Cheese - $9
Kimchi pancake was good as usual. Its kinda thick but still crispy. The sauce tastes really nice, it has enough sour and salty flavour. 
Kimchi Pancake - $13
What a must to order? Of course their KFC!! They are famous for their fried chicken. There are 3 choices of flavours, Original, Soy Garlic and Sweet Chilli. The original is very crispy and tasty. The soy garlic sauce is kinda sweet but somehow i don't really fancy them. The sweet chilli tastes really good, it does not have that much gochujang as Hallah
Soy Garlic & Sweet Chilli (Half/Half) - $30
I just knew that they also sell boneless fried chicken. I personally prefer the boneless because they are easier to eat and more crispy. 
Soy Garlic & Sweet Chilli (Boneless Chicken) - $30
Overall rating : 8, this is definitely the place you should go for Korean Fried Chicken! The staffs are mostly friendly but sometimes food come out really slow when they are busy. The beer here is also cheap and good, they give some crackers for snack when you order beer :)

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