Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Andrew's Hamburgers

144 Bridport Street
Albert Park3206

I have been to Andrews once and finally I'm back. It just a really small shop and they don't really provide dining tables. Most of the customers come and take away their food. The staffs are really friendly and funny.

Look at all the bacons and patties! I simply could not wait till I get my food.
This is just how they wrap all the burgers, you can simply say its HUGE!
All the traditional beef burgers come with lettuce, tomato sauce and cooked onions. Their beef patties are tasty, and juicy. The most favourite one is Burger with the LOT! It comes with egg, bacon, tomato and cheese. It does not look really appetising in the photo, but do you know that a messy burger is a good burger?
Beef Patty with the LOT - $10.5
Kevin decided to try the steak with the Lot.. It looks amazing and really mouth watering. Its not that it tastes bad, but the burger goes better with the patty as steak is more chewy. 
Steak with the LOT - $11.5
My brother had the chicken with the Lot, it does not really surprise me. Its okay but I still prefer Grill'd chicken burger. 
Chicken with the LOT - $11.5
I did have the Kids Burger because the normal one is just too big for me, but who knows they use the same bun and patty. What's different is kids burger just supposed to go with cheese, beef and tomato sauce. I was trying to make it healthier so I ask for extra lettuce. 
Kids Burger - $6
Overall rating : 8, this is absolutely should be on the list of burger hunting. The portion is big and very value for money. You just need to prepare your mouth!

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