Sunday, 6 May 2012

Vegie Bar

380 Brunswick Street
Fitzroy, VIC 3065

Firstly I'd like to apologise for not updating my blog for quite long. This is because I had a lot to do on April and I'm waiting for the copyright design. Hmm, let's start! Finally I could crossed out the famous Vegie Bar that always appears in first page of Urbanspoon from my wish list! I went there on Friday for lunch and it was really busy. But the place is huge so we managed to get a table for 4 without waiting.

As stated by the name, everything on the menu is vegetarian (they also offer vegan and gluten free), just in case you're thinking they might have something else. They also sell some cakes, biscuits and cookies in the counter but I did not try any of them since the food portion is HUGE.

Mexican Burrito is a must try! Tortilla bread is really nice and it's stuffed with kidney beans, spinach, onion and mushroom. Corn chips are really crispy served with good guacamole and sour cream. I don't know why it also comes with rice which makes this dish really fulfilling.
Mexican Burrito - $14.5
My brother straight away chose the chicken wrap even though it is faux. The faux chicken come in bite sized, they're crispy and chewy just like chicken nuggets. I personally like the roti bread, its not too thick but has many layers. Mango and sweet chilli salsa are a good combination and really refreshing.
Faux Chicken Wrap - $9.5
I have always been tempted to try tofu burger since my visit to Purple Peanuts. It is really huge and tall. The peanut sauce is just excellent and they give generous amount of it. But I was expecting it would come with tofu patty instead of a plain chunk piece of fried tofu. Chips are good and crispy!
Organic Tofu Burger - $8.5
add chips - $1.5
I could say that it really captured our attention when the falafel wrap came. Like the others, the portion is just huge. I could not say much about this since I did not try it but my friend said its a bit disappointing. Its kinda plain in flavour compared to others.
Falafel Wrap - $8.9
Overall : 8, it was a really great and fulfilling lunch. The service is good even the food sometimes could take a long time but that's okay considering it was really busy. Even though you are a meat lover, you should come and try. Its totally worth it for such huge portions with cheap prices.
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