Thursday, 24 May 2012

Sammy's Bakehouse Cafe

Shop 1, 22 Mason Street
Hobsons Bay, Newport, VIC 3015

I have been returning to this small bakery every Friday on my way to Newport Lakes Primary School. At first I doubted this place, it looks like a small and plain cafe. They offer so many things from bagels, pizzas, cake slices, and many more. I know that all the bagels are baked daily since every time I come in the morning they're always busy in the kitchen.

I always buy their bagels, they're so big, yummy and cheap!! They don't really look like usual bagels, the size is about 3 times of the normal ones. They are less dense compared to normal bagels, the outside is crisp and chewy like chinese doughnut.

My friend always goes for the plain sesame bagel, she likes it because its not sweet and somehow feels like its savoury. 
Sesame Bagel - $3
I had the chocolate one that day because they are popular and always sold out. Its not really sweet either since its dark chocolate and I just like how the chocolate evenly covered the half top of the bagel. 
Chocolate Bagel - $3.5
We have also tried other flavours, cinnamon and custard. I love the custard ones, melting in my mouth!

Overall rating : 7, a really good place to buy some snacks or even lunch. I have not seen anywhere else in Melbourne that sell a huge bagel for just $3! The staffs are always nice and they often start conversation with us. What is more, FREE SAMPLES for all the bagels even though we've been there several times!!
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