Monday, 7 May 2012

Auction Rooms

107 Errol Street
North Melbourne, VIC 3051

Its been long since the last time I had brunch. This time I went to Auction Rooms as suggested by some friends. I was kinda confused in finding the place since its not located right in front of the tram lines. The restaurant sign gives a little touch of an old and vintage image. But the place itself is totally modern in design with high ceilings and full sunlight. The place is really big and tables are scattered all over the building.

I'm quite happy with the menu, it looks really elegant and high class. Don't you think so?
Some people prefer tea than coffee but trust me they make great coffees here, 
so you should get them!
Latte and Cappuccino - $3.5
One of my friend was attempted to try the syphon coffee. It's served in a beaker glass, really fragrant and tastes good but i still prefer having milk with coffee.
Syphon coffee - $5.5
What i recommend the most is the banana & walnut bread. This is the best one so far, they are crispy but really moist in the inside. The banana flavour is just right and the espresso butter just make the dish even better. It would be perfect if they put one scoop of ice cream on top (i wish).
Homebrand banana & walnut bread with espresso butter - $ 9
This dish is lovely because of the perfectly cooked pork belly and the coffee BBQ sauce. What i didn't like is the black cabbage slaw, it tastes weird, there's something wrong with the sweet and sour flavour. For $17, the portion is kinda small and I was just half full after eating this.
Roast pork belly on a corn crepe with coffee BBQ sauce - $18
The pork rillette creates a crispy and tasty patty for the sandwich and it goes really well with the watercress mayonnaise. The pickle red cabbage makes the dish look amazing but the amount is just too much for me.
Crispy pork rillette sandwich - $14.5
I've seen a lot of people posting photos and recommend this dish. It is overall a great dish but my friend could not finish this because it has really strong flavour.
"The shady deal" moroccan-style tomato & chorizo stew - $17.5 
Overall : 8, i am really looking forward to go back for their breakfast or lunch menu. Staffs are really friendly and food came out fast. I wish they could do something with the black cabbage slaw and fix the portion.
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