Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Purple Peanuts Japanese Cafe

I have heard so many good things about Purple Peanuts but never really visit even though I always pass this place every day. Me and 2 housemates have been planning to have lunch here for a week. Finally the day's come!! Its Thursday, I came straight from Uni and arrived before 12. It was not really busy and I got a table outside straight away. BUT... not long after the clock showed 12, there were just so many people making a long line. Most of them are employees who order take aways.

The restaurant is not really big, there are sits for 15 inside and almost 20 outside. For me, the restaurant is simple and cute. It has many decorations that portray Japanese culture. One thing I like is the way they set the cables so that it does not look disturbing but cute.
Look at the octopus! It looks angry :p
They sell Japanese salads and Onigiri which looks amazing in the front counter. The main menu is written on a paper sticked on the wall. The menu itself is also pretty, its all hand written with full description of each dish. sorry its not really clear :)
I had the tofu burger and this is the first time I had them. What can I say? It tastes amazing!! I personally do not like ginger, but I just ate them all :p The tofu patty is quite crispy but also moist in the inside and it goes really well with the teriyaki sauce. 
Tofu Vegie Burger - $9
From the appeareance, I can see that the pork is really tender and it is!! The red sauce itself comes from Korean chilli paste (gochujang). It has more sweet flavour than spicy. It might be better if the sauce is made a little bit more spicy. 
Kakuni Pork - $9.5
My friend looked a lit bit sad when his chicken curry came, i think its because he expected to get more chicken. Anyway, the curry sauce tastes really good and its made from scratch. The chicken is also tender and has the smell of grill. 
Chicken Curry - $9.2
Overall rating : 8, this is such an exciting lunch for me. i would really like to come back and try other menus and ONIGIRI because one of my friends said its delicious. The staffs are really friendly and even though its really busy, the food came out less than 8 minutes. For you who have been looking at this restaurant from tram, you should definitely try! FYI, they only open for lunch. 

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  1. You didn’t regret going to Purple Peanuts Japanese Cafe, huh? I assume it’s one of your favorite places to hang out now. Hehe! I think the café has a purpose of showcasing Japanese culture as evidenced by their display. You can even see them from a distance. They all look cool!

    Allan Olson

    1. Sorry for the late reply.. No I didn't, I think this is a cool place with good food. And I've been recommending this place :)

  2. I went to this place for a valuable meal for yesterday's tea.

    You get served for 9 Dollars and they do not cook food in authentic way.

    But the food was average and its not filling- Teriyaki Chicken sauce in few boneless chicken slices.. Sushis tasted frozen

    The waiter and person who cashes in this place has no knowledge about foood.

    No Air conditioning. and the floor is filled with dust..

    Please stay away people..

    1. Sad to hear ur bad experience but I have been back to this place few times for take aways and they're always good. I haven't tried their sushis but their onigiris are great!