Friday, 30 March 2012

Wong's Lucky Bar - Mud Crab temptation

Last Sunday, me, Jacq and Felix were helping the Sunday School in Boxhill. We finished around 2pm and decided to have lunch around Boxhill. We wanted to try Simon's Peking Duck but unfortunately they are closed on Sunday Lunch. We decided to go to Wong's Lucky Bar after being tempted by user reviews of their Mud Crab on urbanspoon. The restaurant is located just next to Boxhill tram stop and I never realised even I have been there few times. Nothing fancy or special about the restaurant, its just packed with tables for 25 people. 

I guessed we're just not that lucky, the waitress said that they ran out of mud crab on that time. Well, we already sat and hungry so we decided to stay and check out other menus. 

I would suggest to order the chicken rice, its only $0.50 more. It has great chicken flavour and smell, something that I don't really find in a fast Chinese restaurant.
Chicken Rice - $2
White Rice - $1.5
I like the deep fried flounder, its super crispy but it lacked of taste as they just put the salt and pepper on top without mixing it first.
Deep-fried Flounder with Spicy Salt&Pepper - $17
 The japanese tofu is well fried, similar to what I have back in Indonesia. I enjoyed this dish, its not too salty and there're good amount of seafood and vegetables. 

Japanese Tofu with mixed Vegetables and Seafood - $17
Overall rating : 7, they offer good food with good price. I want to go back to try their famous mud crab! The staffs were not really friendly but they did assist us well.
Wong's lucky bar on Urbanspoon

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