Sunday, 4 March 2012

Flippin' Pancakes - the alternative on a rainy day

We went to Mount Dandenong this morning for a group outing (walking on a track and playing games). But the weather just did not agree with us, it kept on changing. We did walking on the track for 20 mins and when we stopped in a picnic ground for the games, it started to rain heavily so we decided to eat at Flippin' Pancakes. It is a big place with a lot of tables,  and we managed to get a table for 13 of us in less than 5 minutes.

The restaurant has an old-style design with many wood furnitures and decorations. 

Although it was raining outside, I still decided to have an ice chocolate. It tastes really nice, good mixture of ice cream, milk and chocolate sauce. 
Ice Chocolate - $6
We ordered many different foods from the menu, both savoury and sweets to share. As the name blackforest, it should come with sour berries but they allow substitutions so we changed it to strawberries. It really makes you full since there are 3 stack of pancakes and a lot portion of strawberries. The chocolate sauce is also nice but they charged $2 for extra :( 
Blackforest pancakes - $14.9
with fresh strawberry, vanila ice cream and chocolate sauce

The potato pancake was just so so, nothing special but the creamy mushroom sauce was really nice. It was thick, creamy and you could really taste the mushrooms. 
Creamy Mushroom on Potato Pancake - $17

My friend order the special menu on the board, it was a bit expensive but when the food came we were all amazed cause it looks really nice. I tried the sauce and it tastes quite sweet. 
Pork cutlet on potato mashed with seeded mustard sauce - $27
The potato and cheese pancake was good but I think i couldn't finish all by myself since its really cheesy.

Potato and Cheese Pancake - $17

Salmon Stack - $17
The staffs were friendly, after all the food came they asked if we need anything else. They also came back one more time to make sure everything was alright. 

Overall rating : 7. I would come back if I go to Mount Dandenong as they are not $$$ and their pancakes taste better than Pancake Parlour.

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