Friday, 30 March 2012

Nosh@Newport - sweet tongue comforter

I go to Newport every Friday to be a language assistant in Newport Lakes Primary School and i never thought that there are good places in this suburb. However, me and Priska were curious of a cafe across the station that looked quite busy and its Nosh. It can be seen that they have won several food awards from their doors.

Most of the customers were ordering the brunch menus but we just could not resist the sweet temptations. There were so many appetising cakes waiting to be eaten. They did change their cakes but i dont know if its every day or week because the cakes were totally different from the week before, nevertheless they all look yummy!


I totally fall in love with the chocolate muffin. Its crispy on the outside but moist in the inside. And you can really tell that its fresh and homemade! They put some choco pops(cereals) on top of the muffin which makes it perfect! The best chocolate muffin in Melbourne so far :)
Chocolate Muffin - $4
The blueberry muffin is not bad at all but it could not compete the chocolate ones. The blueberry inside the muffin was still warm when we ate it which tells us that its fresh. I don't know why they gave us butter on the side but we did not even touch it.
Blueberry Muffin with butter - $4
The chocolate cake is also awesome. It has a strong chocolate taste with some orange flavour that makes it so refreshing. This cake is really filling, I was full after eating half of it. 
Double Chocolate Cake with Cream - $6
The coffee looks great but it does not taste really good. Its not thick and i think it would be better if the milk was frothed longer. 
Skinny Cappuccino - $3.5
Overall rating : 8, just love the chocolate muffin and cake. I might try other cakes on the display since they all appealing to me or the brunch menu. Lastly, the staffs are very friendly and fast too!

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