Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Miss Jackson - an adventurous brunch

Why I said its adventurous? because on that day me and 4 friends were riding bicycles for exercise, turned out it was really fun and we ended up spending 7 hours.. We wanted to find a brunch place near st kilda, and found Miss Jackson. The owner was really nice, as soon as he saw us, he asked us to park our bicycles in the garage. Definitely a good impression of service :)

The place itself is located in a small alley, so there are not many people passing by. They have quite many tables located inside but we decided to sit outside because its really cozy.

The staff came to us in a minute to give menus and offered drinks. I could say they make good coffee, since we tried mocha, latte and cappuccino and we liked it. 
Allpress Cappucinno - $3.5 
We also got an earl grey tea which comes with a pretty set.
Larsen and Thompson Earl Grey Tea - $4
I ordered the crab scrambled eggs with homemade brioche from their special menu. It doesn't look fancy but tastes WOW. The texture of the scrambled eggs is smooth with good portion of crab. 
The brioche is soft in the inside but crunchy on the outside, for me its just PERFECT
Crab Scrambled Eggs with chilli and chives on Homemade Brioche - $17
Potato and leek hash is also good. I could say this dish has the best presentation of all. 
The poached egg is perfect, the egg yolk is still runny when you cut it. However, i think the potato hash is to harsh, and this dish might goes well with some sauce. 
Potato and Leek Hash with minced peas, smoked trout and a poached egg - $16.5
Three of my friends ordered the lunch menu, and there are many choices from sandwich, salad to potato gnocchi. I would recommend the steak sandwich but unfortunately i forgot to take picture of it. Its a large serving that comes with really fresh and yummy chips for $15.5

The corned beef sandwich and smoked trout salad are okay but nothing really special. 
Smoked Trout Salad with roasted chat potatoes and green beans - $16
Corned Beef Sandwich with caramelised cabbage, mustard and cornichons  - $10
Overall rating : 8, i would definitely come back for the homemade brioche, the best i have ever tasted so far. They also make great eggs from scrambled to poached. Last, GOOD SERVICE :)
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