Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Mabrown - the divine quails

Its saturday night, me, housemates and my cousin booked a table at Mabrown. The place is quite far, it took us 30mins drive from CBD. When you arrived its like in the middle of nowhere, because the surroundings are really dark. But you can see the one and only shining sign.
First of all i would like to remind you, the service in this place is always bad! the owner lady never smile and always talk in angry tone.. The staffs are also the same, might be thats how they got employed :p So why we bother coming back? because of the divine quails!!
Its malaysian and thailand cuisine, you can see it through their menu.

The quails is a MUST to order. It is their signature dish, you would see this dish in every table.
When you book a table, the auntie will ask you how many quails you want in advance.
The sauce is really rich, its salty, sweet and hot. It tastes so good that I can even just eat sauce on rice.
Spicy quail - $7.5ea 
My next recommendation is Sambal Kangkung. And again, its the sambal sauce that makes it special, its spicy so be prepared. They also offer other vegetables with the same sauce.
Sambal Kangkung - $14.8
The last dish we ordered was Claypot Tofu. We wanted to order a fish dish but i don't know why they just did not do deep fried dish that night. Its just ok, nothing special. Their mapo tofu is also famous, we did not order this because we wanted something different as its also spicy.
Claypot Tofu - $17.8
Overall rating : 8. Once again this is all because of the spicy quail. For some people who don't like bad service, you should be prepared.

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  1. believe it or not, i've been in melbourne for 12 years and have never been to mabrown >.<