Monday, 17 September 2012


126 Koornang Road
Carnegie, VIC 3163.

That day my brother and I had nothing to do and we just too lazy too cook so we went out for lunch and yes its a Date! I don't go to brunch or Western restaurant with him because every time I ask what should we have, his answer is always either Japanese or Thailand cuisine. So I looked back to my wishlist and came across this place. Shyun is a casual Japanese restaurant at Carnegie, which has been known for its freshness. They are also featured on Cheap Eats 2012 with two star rating. 

The place might not look big from the outside but they actually have more seats at the back. 

My brother went for the Una Tama Don which basically is eel cooked with egg on rice. I love this dish not because I'm a big fan of unagi but because it was cooked perfectly and the sauce tasted just right, not too salty or sweet. 
Una Tama Don - $12.5
On the other hand, I was so tempted with the bento menu. You can actually create your own bento and choose 2 or 3 dishes from the menu but I just couldn't decide so I ordered the Deluxe Bento. I was so happy just looking at these small dishes on my bento. 
Deluxe Bento Box - $14
with (vegie & shrimp tempura), teriyaki chicken, grilled salmon, 2 rolls and salad
The tempura was crispy and lovely but I could barely taste the prawn. The grilled chicken was really tender, while the mayonnaise balanced out the sweetness of teriyaki sauce. The SALMON was so delicious! It was grilled perfectly and the miso sauce was sweet and very addictive. 

Service was great, the staffs were really friendly. There were quite a lot of takeaways that time, but our food came out within 15 minutes and it just made us happy because we're hungry.

Food : 5  Service : 4 

Coming back? Yes for sure! I'm so in love with the salmon and can't wait to try their sushi rolls :)
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