Sunday, 16 September 2012

Rainbow Restaurant

Level 2, 206 Bourke Street
Melbourne CBD, VIC 3000
I miss my Sundays back at home where I usually had yumcha with my family for brunch. While here, I can easily count how many times I've been to dimsum. Its not because there's no good places (although i found Indonesia's better), but it is kinda expensive for my student budget. But here we go, (me, my bro, isa, belin and tephi) 5 hungry kids' and "all u can eat dimsum".

Rainbow has been opened for 2 years and still very busy. They serve buffet on lunch and dinner.
Daily Yumcha  - 11.30am - 3.00pm
Seafood Hot Pot  - 5.30pm - till late
I'm not sure if they do bookings but I'm pretty sure you'll get a table without one because the place is huge!! and unlike other places where they squeeze everything, tables are well set here and interior design is great too.

So we paid $22.8 because its weekday and Yes weekend will be more expensive. Basically we sat on our tables, ordered tea (Free) and waiting for the trolleys to pass by. 

We started with six dishes above and sorry I can't remember all the names. 
All the deep fried dishes were great, and my fav was the top right one. The siumay was also great. FYI, they're very generous especially with shrimps. 

I found these bee looking dumpling so cute and yum!! 
This pork ribs were delicious, tender and very flavoursome!! But they were many left on the trolley so we couldn't get more :(
Pork Ribs
The rice noodle rolls were thin enough not to overpower the charsiu. However, it would be better if they put the sauce separately because it became too salty when soaked too much. 
"Cheong Fan" - Rice Paper Roll with Pork
They also had porridge but it was average and don't eat too much or you'll be too full. 
Chilli is a really important since you almost dip everything with it and this one was not that good, too watery and flavourless. 
Chilli and Porridge
Both the chicken pie and custard bun were great, crisp on top and the rest were soft.
Chicken Pie and Custard Bun
You might be wondering why did I put pork bun in the bottom. Well thats just how we had it when we're about to finish and pay. I'm not a fan because I don't like the filling and always eat just the bun but my friends said they're good. 
"Char Siu Bao" - Pork Bun
Luckily, the tofufa was great that day and I ate the whole bowl by myself. Tofu was really soft and the sweetness of the soup was just right.
Tofu Fa and Mango Soup
The mango pudding tasted so much like mango soup and the green tea pudding was not good and a bit pale. 
Mango and Matcha Pudding
This sesame ball is also a special dessert at yumcha, crisp and chewy dough filled with black bean paste. 
Sesame Seed Ball
I just can't finish without the must having dessert, Tan Tart (tan means egg in Chinese). The egg tart was very good, fresh and very flaky which made me walk away happily :)
"Tan Tart" - Egg Tart
Lastly, the staffs were friendly and fast enough that our table was never ran out of food. 

Food : 4   Service : 3

Coming back? Well, why not? its totally worth what we paid!!   
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