Monday, 25 March 2013


135 Commercial Road
South Yarra, VIC 3141
03 9804 8873
My first visit to Gaijin was in 2010 and we went for the "All You Can Eat". After that I have been to Gaijin for several times because I love Japanese fusion and I have never been to any similar places yet.  

Don't you want these cuties? I do even though I'm not a fan of Sake and Wasabi :)

We started with Edamame (soybeans in the pod), in fact we ordered another portion later because mom, dad and lil bro loves it. A healthy appetiser so why not?
Edamame - $4
We meant to order Dynamite but there was a confusion so we ordered Big Bang. Aris (my bro) had asked the staff to change it but somehow it didn't get through as we ended up getting Big Bang. We had no problem with it because this dish was so YUM. Its basically crab stick, mushroom, cream cheese wrapped in a salmon slice baked with Gaijin special sauce.
BIG BANG - $10
Aris also ordered Salmon Sashimi for himself as mom and dad don't really eat raw food and they're FRESH! 
Sashimi 3pcs (Salmon) - $4.5
I ordered this Spider vs Dragon roll just because I couldn't resist those unagis on top. This sushi roll is filled with tempura crunch, soft shell crab and cream cheese.
Spider VS Dragon Roll - $13
As stated by its name, this roll is all about spiciness and salmon. Salmon slice and spicy sauce on top, spicy raw salmon and tempura crunch inside. This one tasted as beautiful as its presentation <3
Crunchy Spicy Salmon Roll - $13
Actually, the salmon roll was our last order at first before Dad wanted a real carbo, by this I mean a noodle or rice dish. The udon was good and the chicken was tender and sweet.
Chicken Udon - $18
Although there were only two staffs in the front, the service was great. It would be excellent if they didn't forget our alteration but its totally forgiven.

FOOD : 4   SERVICE : 4

Coming back? Yes I would but not so often as its a bit pricey for the portion sizes.
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  1. Hi Rin, i dont know if you've heard about this place called SHYUN, its a cheap japanese restaurant in carnegie, they were listed as one of the top places to eat in Urbanspoon last year if im not mistaken, u might find the menu are slightly unusual than normal jap restaurants here, they serve foods that have this home cook food feeling =)). U should def check the place out.

    1. I went there once and its on the blog last year. I had the bento, every dish in it was really good especially the grilled salmon. I heard they have ipads for ordering now..