Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Toodouri Korean BBQ

260 Victoria Street
North Melbourne, VIC 3003

At first I didn't know whether I should blog about this place or not because I don't know what happened but I just lost all the food photos from my housemate's camera, so I only had two photos from my iPhone :( 
But here we go!! 

Toodouri is one of the four Korean restaurants along Victoria Street and its really close to Hallah
I heard pretty good news about this place and they are even more famous since Soo Jong Ki (Korean actor) visit. So without a doubt I bought the BBQ deal from Groupon. The deal was about Korean BBQ Feast for 4 people for $74. We had the options of four charcoal BBQ dishes, sides, two mains, two clay pots and a korean beer each. 

I wanted to order the Gal Bi which is my fav meat but they said its excluded so we ended up ordering t the Scotch Fillet, Bul Go Gi, Chicken and Spicy Pork Belly. All of the meats except the scotch were marinated but none of them really stood out. Pork Belly which should be a really safe option couldn't really satisfy us. 

For the main we went for the sweet spicy chicken and egg roll. It would be good if its the same as the chicken in Han Guk Guan but it's not. The chicken was stir fry and really red but gochujang was all I could taste. Fortunately, our second main, the egg roll was great. Pan fried egg roll with a lot of melting cheese inside, spring onion and tomato sauce on top. 

Egg Roll - $12.90
I couldn't remember all of the side dishes, but the kimchi was okay. After finishing all the sides, the staff came and asked if we'd like to have more of them and we directly said yes. The bad thing was they actually charged us for the extra sides for $2.5. It wasn't a big amount of money but its so wrong to charge sides in Korean restaurants. 

The service was another let down I could say. The staffs did come frequently to cook our meat and changed the grill but they were not friendly and I could barely see smile on their faces. 

Food : 3  Service : 3

Coming back? Well, I'm not sure I will since the neighbour (Donwoori) is so much better. 
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