Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Manchester Press

8 Rankins Lane
Melbourne CBD, VIC 3000

03 9600 4054

Manchester Press is a place everyone will mention for sure when ask to recommend a brunch in CBD.
The barista
And finally I had a chance to visit this Place along with my two lovely girls. 
Olympia, Me and Olivia
I doubted we can find the place straight away and I was right, we walked pass the alley and had to go back to actually find the spot. Its not like it's located in the front but more like in the middle of the lane with only M --> P sign on it. 

The spot is based in a warehouse where sharing is truly encouraged as there are more big tables than small ones. 

As usual we ordered our coffees. Cappuccino for me, Mocha for Olym and Flat White for Olivia. 
Coffees are great, I mean look at that... smooth, excellent crema! 
Flat White - $3.5
Just one thing, we expected to see a face or rabbit latte-art on our coffees like how people posted but we didn't get any :(
Cappuccino - $3.5
Mocha - $4
MP is well-known for its Bagel and I couldn't say otherwise really. The bagels were dense, a bit chewy and crisp!! I'd say they are better than Las Chicas

Olivia's 12 hour pulled pork was really tender, sweet and juicy. I love it and certainly will order this next time. 
12 hour roasted pulled pork with lettuce, bbq sauce and apple slaw - $ 14
I couldn't really remember the taste of the pastrami but this one was a safe option, it was like having your usual combination of Ham, Cheese and Tomato.
Thick slice pastrami with tomato, swiss cheese and thousand island dressing - $ 13
They melted the cheese in each bagel where I prefer it's melted with my creamy tuna. Jalapeno was not as spicy as I thought so I was safe :)
Tuna, mayonaise, cheese and jalapeno melt - $10
Service was good but not great, the waitress were not as helpful as we thought. We asked for her recommendations but she barely helped us. 

Coffee : 5  Food : 4  Service : 3

Coming back? I will whenever I crave for Bagels but not for eggs as they dont have many options for that. 

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