Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Hopetoun Tea Rooms

Shop 1 & 2, 282 Collins Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000
03 9650 2777  

I had an interview last week far far away at Dandenong where I'm working now as a trainee :) Anyway, I had nothing to do after that while my tummy kept on calling so I decided to meet my lovely little sister in the city. I chose Hopetoun although it was lunch time. As usual, there was quite a line in the front but it only took us 10 mins to get a table. We were seated in the very corner behind the coffee machine. Its not bad, its just not enough lightning and yes this is my alibi for the bad pictures :p
I'm sure anyone who come to this place will be mesmerised by their cakes. They don't have that elegant looks but somehow they are pretty and delicate. Me and Olivia had our own turn to go out and pick one cake. Well, we couldn't control ourselves and kept the staff asking anything else...
This drink was a bit weak to be called an iced chocolate, the milk truly overpowered it :( 
Iced Chocolate 
The pavlova was the winner. The meringue was crisp and soft while the inside was really light and sweet. We kinda doubt the choices of acid fruits but after we ate all together its all perfectly balanced. 
Tropical Fruits Pavlova
The chocolate mousse was chocolatey with praline base, more of dark than milk chocolate. It was good but I couldn't say its great.
Royal Chocolate Mousse
Olivia's brother told her to try the egg tart so she did. I truly like the custard filling but the pastry itself was a bit soggy rather than crisp. 
Portugese Egg Tart
The staffs, mostly girls, were all wearing black and so pretty with their smiles on all the time. The service was excellent, as expected from a place like this. 

Drink : 3  Food : 4  Service : 5

Coming back? I will for sure because I know they have more goodness for me besides some of the disappointments.
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