Friday, 13 July 2012

Chez Dré

287 Coventry Street
South Melbourne, VIC 3205

This is truly an unplanned date with Nixie. I was locked out from my apt because i forgot to bring my keys (Yes this is one of my biggest problem!) and had to wait at her place. It was another 3 hours till my brother came home and we had nothing to do so we decided to go to Max Brenner. However, we ended up going to Chez Dré because of my huge desire to blog this place :p
Chez Dré, one of the gems in South Melbourne, is a patisserie and cafe open from breakfast to lunch. This place is usually packed on weekend but we managed to get a table straight away since its weekday afternoon. What I love the most about this place is the wide open kitchen and we could see all the cooking and baking process clearly since there's no glass covering. Although I had been to Chez Dre once last year before i start blogging, I was still amazed with this place :)

Every single cake is just amazing and I just want to try all of them! 

It was a tough decision for me and I chose this red looking cake but I made no mistake. I love every component of this cake from the smooth chocolate mousse, raspberry compote to the crunchy base of cocoa nib. 
Chocolate Raspberry Mousse - $8.5
Nixie couldn't bear the shiny look of the chocolate tart. One of the best I've had so far, the tart base was so crunchy and firm which made it hard for us to make a good cut for the camera. It was also filled with chocolate mousse and covered in chocolate ganache. In short this is layers of chocolate! 
Chocolate Tart - $8.5
Believe it or not both of us were so full with these two cakes. This was because we spent almost 1 hour to finish them as a result of taking too much pictures. The staff even laughed and joked with us, when we had our first cut he came to our table and said "Finally, I thought you guys would never eat them".

After paying the bill, we were still looking at the macaroons on the counter. Then the cashier nicely asked if we wanted to have some of the broken ones. And without further thinking we grabbed one each. Both the blackcurrant and lemon are great in flavours but the shell was not goey enough for my liking. 
Blackcurrant and Lemon Macaroons - $3 each

Food : 4   Service : 5   

Coming back? YES, I would like to have a brunch and another round of dessert :)
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