Monday, 7 April 2014

Cupcake Central - Keep calm and eat cupcakes :9

The best cupcake shop in Melbourne for me. You can find them in Hawthorn, Melbourne Central and  Highpoint. I usually go to the one in Melbourne Central and now that I've lived just accross the road, its worrisome.  I have met Sheryl, the owner in person on Cake Expo last year where she showed us her amzing piping techniques. She also told us her story, how she pursued her dream and made it come true. Its inspiring and I hope I can be like her one day, . 

 FYI, I'm a huge chocolate fan, so I will always choose death by chocolate cake over any berry crumble or fruit cake. But somehow if I can only buy two cupcakes, I'll definitely skip the chocolate ones for these two.  I love cream cheese so much and that might actually explains why :9
 I really love the berries in the bottom, it gives that sweet and tangy taste in your mouth balancing the sweetnees of the frosting. 
Mixed berry yoghurt & Raspberry white chocolate - $4 each
My friend really enjoyed the peanut butter as the base is actually brownie instead of normal chocolate cupcake. And the red velvet is still the best I've tried so far, or maybe second after mine (subjective). 
Peanut butter brownie & Red Velvet - $4 each
Dekcik just couldn't take his eyes when he saw the oreo on top of the cupcakes so we got the cookies and cream too. It was good and sweet as expected with actual cookie crumbs inside. 
The right one was my pick, gooey salted caramel inside and again salted caramel buttercream on top.  
Cookies and cream & Salted Caramel - $4 each

Will I come back ? Yes of course, this is my to go cupcake shop!
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  1. Lovely cupcake photos. It makes one want to indulge...