Friday, 21 March 2014

Lune Croissanterie - Fly me to the moon

29 Scott Street                                                                                        Friday : 7.30am till sold out
Elwood, VIC 3184                                                                    Saturday and Sunday : 8am till sold out

Please beware, this post might contain serious temptations! :9

This was my third time waking up early and lining up along with the other croissant hunters. We (me, Fiona, Maya & Suri) got there at 7.45 and the queue was NO JOKE ,,,,,, I mean, the shop is not even open yet... I did ask Kate, the sweet lady behind the masterpiece, about the line and she reckons the croissants are selling faster every week. So if you want to grab these beauties, you better wake up early and join the force. 
Tips : Better come on Saturday or Sunday so you have a chance to bring back 6 as she distributes half of what she makes on Friday to Patricia Coffee Brewers. 

While waiting, Kate and the other staff came over to take our coffee order. I asked for skinny mocha but unfortunately they only use the milk they use in making croissants so yes its full cream.
My mocha tasted so much like cappuccino because I couldn't really taste the chocolate for some reason. The coffee is a bit more on the acidity side as I had that tangy feeling at the tip of my tongue.
Coffee & Hot Chocolate - $4.5

I was afraid that we might end up with 2 croissants again but amazingly we were the last ones to walk out with 6!! Thank you for the people in front of us who are kind and not greedy like us <3
Me, Fiona, Maya and Suri so happy :)
 We did a little bit of photo session and the photos turned out to be really good. So prepared yourself, there are a lot of goodness on the way. FYI all photos were taken with iPhone 5s since my camera was hiding somewhere that day. 
Goodness on a chopping board <3
My most favourite is the Kouign Aman though the photo was a bit .... I think this is the first time I had this baby, it tasted like my childhood cake back in Indonesia. The KA was really crispy, buttery and the sweetest as it has caramelised sugar on top. Kouign Aman and milk will be my perfect breakfast!
Kouign Aman - $5
This is what everyone's been talking about, CRUFFIN! Kate's own invention, a hybrid of croissant and muffin. As you can see they have the flaky textures of croissant but they are less crispy compared to the others. I shared this with a friend so we cut it into two and I cut it wrongly. We didn't enjoy it that much since one side had all the caramel and the other had all the peanut custard :( 
Snickers Cruffin - $6.5
Suri had the blackberry cruffin and she liked it. However, the filling was not enough for her liking, the blackberry was literally that much (refer to photo).
Blackberry Cruffin - $5.5
These are the twice baked croissants!! I have a thing for almond croissant and this is a real deal, good pastry, full of almond flakes and not strong on the almond flavour as I prefer. I had one from Zumbo sometime ago and I just didn't like it as the almond was so strong that it tastes like medicine. 

Twice baked almond - $6
This one was the special that day, macadamia and salted caramel. The caramel was not too sweet and the macadamia was totally crunchy. 

Twice baked macadamia & salted caramel - $7
I could say that Kate can read minds. She combines everything that we have been thinking of, almond and chocolate, what more do you need? Hmm more chocolate maybe? I was told that in Paris, they put a little bit of chocolate inside so that it won't overpower the pastry. I will used to this type eventually..
Choc almond - $5
Pain au chocolat - $4.5
On my second attempt, I was a bit disappointed because I only got the leftovers which was the plain and ham&cheese croissants. I really shouldn't judge the book by its cover, the plain croissant really blew me away. I could smell the butter before I even bite into it, very flaky and I remembered having all the flakes everywhere like a kid.  
Plain croissant - $4.5
For you who prefer savoury over sweet, don't worry as she also makes Ham & Gruyere. I didn't get to try this one as I gave this to my Boss.
Ham & Gruyere - $5.5
You don't have to worry about the service, if Kate works for KFC she will definitely get a 100% CHAMPS check. She frequently counts how many croissants are left and how many people lining out there. So despite the super long queue, she will make sure everyone gets home with croissant on their hands. 

Will I come back ? A big YES, especially after I see her posting what she's selling on instagram. 
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