Thursday, 21 June 2012

Angliss Restaurant

550 Little Londsdale Street
Melbourne CBD, VIC 3000

Do you know that William Angliss have several restaurants and cafes? Well, I didn't know either but thanks to my housemate Biondi, for telling and asking me for a dinner, plus made the reservation. Its quite tricky to find the place, because the street is always dark at night plus the fact that it looks more like university building from the front. The Angliss restaurant is on second floor, when you go up you could see it straight away because the waiters are standing in the entrance door. They are students of the university and all of them suit up nicely.

They have a set menu for $35, you could choose 1 entree, 1 main, 1 dessert and coffee or tea after your meal. This is a very good value I'd say. However there are not many choices of menu, only 5 entrees, 3 mains and 3 desserts.You could order any of them separately but its better to go with the set menu.
They gave each of us a welcome drink, bread & butter and a complimentary dish to start with. 
The seared scallop comes with confit chicken wings, parsnip cream and parsley coulis.  I like this entree the best, they have great flavours and delicious! Now I really want to try seared scallop from Hardware Societe to see which one's better :9
Seared Scallops - $8
The salmon looks really good too but there was nothing special about this entree. The tomato and shallot dressing did not give extra flavour to the dish but they give the freshness.
Terrine of confit Atlantic Salmon and Nori - $8
Sorry for the bad photo but this entree indeed looks fancy with its presentation. The deboned pan fried quail was great but still couldn't beat the tasty quail Mabrown style.
Textures of cauliflower with marinated deboned Quail - $8 
The lamb dish was the best main that we tried. The lamb was perfectly cooked and tender, the lemon and cinnamon jus just well complemented the dish.
Sous vide of Lamb and Lamb brik - $19
The steamed rockling was served with colcannon, peas, carrots, bacon crumble on top and vegetable & ham broth. It was a nice dish but there's not enough flavour, it would be better if they make it saltier.
Steamed Rockling on colcannon - $19
I went for the grilled chicken that surprised me with the huge portion. It was served on freekah with smoked yoghurt, petit salad and pomegranate molasses, like the previous dish, it would be nice if it has strong flavour.
Grilled Chermoula Chicken - $19
I love the chocolate tart. It doesn't look as pretty as the others but it tasted great! Its really rich in chocolate and the orange syrup just balanced the thick choc flavour. The orange sorbet was sweet but tasted really light.
Baked Chocolate Tart - $8
This raspberry feuilletine looks really pretty with the basil creme vanille. The pastry was crisp but theres nothing more special that I could remember.
Raspberry Feuilletine - $8
When I see this dish, it somehow looks like a playground for me. Hmm, this dessert was okay but again the lemon puree and vanilla ice cream was great!
Deconstructed Lemon Meringue Pie - $8
Overall: 8, I would come back for sure! Where else can u get a 3 course fine dining for 35? Really worth for the price and the service was fast and efficient.
ps: they are changing menus every season to get fresh ingredients every time!
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