Sunday, 13 May 2012

Dinkum Pies

29 Block Palace, Melbourne CBD, VIC 3000 | 0396546792

Have you heard about them? I have not heard about them before too, and its weird as they are really famous in CBD area. I actually know them after I purchased a deal from Living Social. It is risky to buy something without doing pre purchase research first (ups, this is marketing talking). But 2 pies and 2 coffee for $9? Well, i don't think you need to think twice for this and Yes i didn't regret it at the end!
Did you recognise that red is appearing in every sides of this place? I did not ask why is that but I assume they want to say "made with love" as red usually reflects love <3
The place is actually quite big with more than 20 seats. But during lunch time, its kinda hard to find a seat because they're really busy and even most of the customers take away their food.

We ordered mocha and latte for the drinks. I could say they are pretty generous with size as you can see the mug is really big. But they might be too generous with the foam too. The coffee did not meet our expectations but we just had them since they're included in the deal.
Mocha - $3
I did see comments about them and most people said their pies are the best. Do i agree with this? Sincerely, I couldn't agree more. The famous steak is actually the best I have so far! A crisp short crust pastry filled with delicious mixed of minced beef and gravy.
 Look at those melting meats, one word YUMMY!
Famous Steak - $4.9
My friend had the chicken and mushroom pie that looks more appealing with poppy seeds on top of it. The chicken and mushroom is kinda creamy and not too salty.
Chicken and Mushroom - $4.9
Pie and coffee are fulfilling but not yet for our sweet tongue. We decided to get some and it was so hard since there are so many desserts calling for us. Haha.. But then, a lady with formal attire (i reckon she's the owner) came and help me to choose. She also explained that everything is freshly baked in the kitchen upstairs.

Their lamington is really good. I couldn't say its the best because believe it or not that was the first time I had them. The sponge cake is firm but moist, however i'd be happier if they put a lil bit more jam in between.
Lamington - $2.4
The cream apple pastry looks really amazing, agree? But it is just so so :( I chose this because I was expecting it tastes like Apple strudel from Corica. However, it was completely different. The pastry's not crisp, the cream and apple do not create a nice filling since they are not mixed together.
Creamed Apple Turnover - $3
Overall: 8, another great places for quick and cheap lunch in CBD. You should really try their PIES! Hmm, their sausage rolls are also famous. Staffs are really friendly and helpful, they don't mind explaining more about each product.
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