Sunday, 1 April 2012

Pappa Rich - early brings lucky

I went to Pappa Rich on Saturday for lunch, i came early and found it very lucky that I got a table straight away. As you know, this restaurant has been very busy since it opened. I did wonder why the owner change from Kopitiam to Pappa Rich (its competitor in Malaysia). But who knows, they say Pappa Rich is better than Kopitiam. The interior changes a lot with mostly dark colour of furnitures which makes it look like a higher class restaurant. The place looks bigger with more seats available including in the back where they used to have drink area. What i noticed is there are so many people working both in the kitchen and in dining area, more than 20 i could say. 

I was welcomed by the staff friendly and she told me on how to order the food. We basically have to write the food number and quantity in a piece of paper and give it to the staff by pressing a button available in every table. They have so many choices of food from roti, nasi lemak, noodles, laksa and drinks. Seriously, this is cruel for me!

My friend told me before that their Wat Tan Hor is the best so far, and she's right its really the winner for me. The portion is quite big with good amount of seafood and chicken. The sauce is just right, not too salty or thick. Should really order this! 
Wat Tan Hor - $10.9
Roti Canai is also great but i think it would be better if its a little bit crispier. There sambal sauce is well spicy and curry is okay. There is one extra sauce that tastes like the curry but there are more peppers and some green stuffs. 
Roti Canai $5.6
I am a big fan of soya milk so i know which one's good, and i like this one. Its not too sweet and the grassjelly also taste great. Good combination! 
Soya Milk with Grass Jelly - $4.2
My friend had the milk tea with grassjelly, its okay but i still prefer Chatime's roasted milk tea. 
Milk Tea with Grass Jelly - $4.8
Overall rating: 8, I like having lunch at Pappa Rich, they serve good food with good price. I would like to visit them again to try other menus and desserts. Staffs are friendly even though they are very busy. 

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